LED Lighted & Neon Signage

LED Lighted Sign
Lighted sign is very common nowadays; you can see them everywhere at shopping mall or on the street.

Custom size can be created and multiple different materials can be mix and match by creating the effect and outcome that you like, basically there are 3 lighting effect to be commonly used.

Front Lite Effect

Back Lite Effect

Back Lite + Front Lite

Surface finishing can be vinyl printing, Mirror effect, Spray paint or etc. Give us your sign sample or idea; we can advise you accordingly for the suitable material or sizes. Most importantly please give us your budget, we could find the way to cope with it from extensive mixture range of material starting from acrylic, EG, aluminum to a bit expensive range of stainless steel or brass.

Different materials serve the usage for short or long term usage, durability to the weather, visibility from environment etc, give us a ring or email us to info@comfort-art.com today for further discussion.

Neon Sign
It is slowly obsolete in the market, due to neon uses real glass tube and potential for breakage, furthermore electric consumption is way higher, by data collected is 50% more.

In the end, LED lights are brighter, more energy efficient, easier to install and will surely be the light source of the future as technology advances, due to reasons being we have stop fabricate neon sign unless consumer tell us that they only want Neon sign.


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