Sand Frosted Glass Decal

Business Usage
Sand frosted glass decal is not the new thing in the market, almost every business need it to beautify their glass window, glass door or even toilet.

It is not expensive and yet give you a very good enhancing on the purpose like giving a sense of privacy in the office and yet you wanted to in touch with outside colleagues. It is widely being use in spa centers, restaurants, fitness centers, nursery care centers and many more.

Please get your design done from the interior designer; we can do the unique printing for you, even if you want to add some colours on it. Well, what we can say is printing is simple and the installation part is uneasy, we have our professional team to sort it out for you.

Home usage
Have a new home? Why not do some decorations on the glass door, or even make some magic to your bathroom? Trust us, it will look exactly the same like the way you use it in the 5 stars hotel. Add some spices to your sweet home it definitely make you feel good.

You will need to engage with a designer on this, or else show us your idea if we can pick it up from there, of course there will be design fees incurred beside the printing and installation fees.


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