As long as the world has not found a cure or a vaccine for Covid-19, we may have to adjust to a “new normal”, meaning a new way of living and going about our lives, work and interactions with other people.

Please bear in mind that we may have to live in The New Normal for a very long time.

We have adapted into this changes quickly and created the new products for the society to help in line with what public needs and help to fight reduce Covid19 cases in Malaysia.

Face shield is an effective way to block and as a shield to any droplet liquid such as coughes sneezes. An effective way than the surgical mask as to prevent exposure from sick close contact.

* Sponge Foam (Plaster)
* Velcro Strap (Ensure to fit)
* Plastic Visor
* Free Size
* Ready Stock / Pre-Order 
* Local Product

For more information please contact https://wa.me/60126067897