Commercial Vehicle

Car Sticker Printing Malaysia


Don’t underestimate, your lorry / van / truck can actually bringing more value to you. They not just have the logistic/delivery purpose, they have the potential to speak to thousands audience throughout the city across the road, every day.


Having a great offer, Promoting a New Service and wants to speak out loud ? Well, your lorry could be your best spokeperson! They deserve a gorgeous makeover to show up the world. Make your lorry outstanding today, deliver your message via sticker printing on their body.


Truck sticker advertising printing is the most cost-effective way of turning your lorry into eye catching spokeperson. Depend on the design, you can have different wrapping size ranging from 25% , 50% ,75% until 100% over your vehicle. Also, There are 4 major factors that will affect your truck sticker lifespan: ink, material, lamination & maintenance.


We provide professional truck sticker printing and car sticker printing in Malaysia for over 30 years. Call us now +6012-6067897 and discuss about how can we turn your lorry / van /truck to a Star on the Road!