Directory & Directional

Indoor Signage Supplier Malaysia

No matter you are managing a shopping mall, offices, shoplots etc, directory board or directional sign is always play an important role for way finding. Way finding sign can be achieve simple method and yet can give you sophisticated design to groom up.


The common things for indoor signage: they are small, they have many in quantity, and have to put lots of different names on it. Spelling Checking could be the nightmare for person in charge.



Another challenge for having indoor signage in your office, departments, shopping mall & showrooms, is maintain the consistency, therefore we recommend customer to implement change of the indoor signage all in one shot.


Let us do the spelling check, proper record of all your indoor signage, so you can enjoy peace of mind.


We are professional indoor signage supplier in Malaysia for over 30 years. Call us now +6012-6067897 for setup indoor signage for your office, departments, shopping mall & showrooms!