The Making of Signage

We pride ourselves as a one-stop signage/signboard solutions service provider. To give excellent services to our clients, two-way communication and understanding of each other is relatively important. A simple way for our clients to take a quick look on how to make a sign:


To kick start a project our clients will get a fruitful on-site visitation by our signage specialist for FREE. It often happens to us that client provides the wrong measurements and info about their premises to us, which not only resulted in extra time and money to our clients, but also complicates the project. The correct measurement, signage location, desire of concept, desire of materials used or any other requirements will be discussed during the first visitation. 



Signage design holds the most important value towards the client's business, a sign can simply be the representative of yourself to carry out the image or the message that you wish to shout out to the market. A successful sign certainly gives value-added benefits to your business and exposure.

It is optional for clients to use our in-house designer or theirs. We take 3 days to come out with the illustration for our clients which imposed a standard design fees. In general the process of this stage will take a longer time as client's feedbacks and comments are important to us, we always evaluate the feedbacks given and make appropriate changes accordingly.

Quotation and Concept Illustration can be proposed to client concurrently. Types of materials used will be cited in the quotation. This will usually take us 3 days to come out with the quotation for our clients, depending on the complexity of the job.

Additionally, almost all of our services are provided in-house, therefore we eliminate mark-up charges of middle man or service agency on our clients. Meaning to say that we keep our cost low and our talents high, so you pay for great results, not great overhead.

We are definitely competitive. “Value for MONEY” is our motto; therefore every dollar that you pay is worth it.



Sign fabrication process can be done from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity, material usage, and the concept given. Clients are welcome to come to our office to pay a visit while your sign is under process.

Installation of the sign can take a few hours to 2 days, it depends on the location, height, type of premises etc. Long ladder or sky lift might be needed during installation. Date of selection for sign installation can be done to comply with clients’ particular “Feng Shui” time.